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Our series of six creative workshops will allow children and young people to gain more knowledge
and understanding about their fellow peers and the world they live in. The workshops will encourage
participants to work towards making others feel empowered, valued, and heard.

 Creativity drives change, gives people agency and helps us navigate our way in the world.

Arts Council England

Art Class

Heritage and history

Taking children and young people through a timeline
of Black History

Black and British

Exploring the impact of Black history and heritage on the
UK today

Influential Events

Exploring the legacy of Black culture and Heritage in
relations to events such as the Windrush and Notting Hill Carnival

Color Pencils

Influential Figures

Exploring the legacy of Black culture and Heritage in
relation to influential Black and Mixed Heritage people of the modern era

Identifying Racism

Understanding the impact of racism, kindness and positive choices

Speak Up and Speak Out

Recognise how to make positive choices to support others and how to make a difference

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