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Our Project

At Empower My Voice we have worked to put together a complete package for organisations who work with young people. The project will take you through reshaping and remodelling your organisation towards a trajectory of inclusivity.

Part 1


We will have a consultation with the young people and/or staff within your organisation to give us an initial measurement. This puts us in the best place possible to ensure that we can offer a successful bespoke service for the needs of your organisation.

Part 2


Our workshop lead and team will deliver their set of discovering me workshops to your young people designed to promote resilience, confidence and to empower the voices of your young people.

Part 3


Our training leads will deliver our racial literacy training to staff within your organisation. The contents of this will be in response to information learnt from parts 1 and 2, making the training truly unique to your organisation.

Part 4


You and your young people will be supported throughout and after taking part in the project. You will have access to: videos, sound bites, lesson plans, workbooks and inspirational postcards​. You will gain continuous membership to our Empower My Voice community including our parent/carer support group. 

In addition to this, to evoke and establish long lasting organisational change that benefits all who encounter your organisation we can offer you a chance to develop an inclusive suite of policies on Equality, Diversity and Mental Health with Thrive Law.

Please get in contact with us to discuss the needs of your organisation and young people.

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