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Luck is talent meets preparation

"Luck is talent meets preparation."

This is the mantra that I have always used to guide me in my life. You will not get anywhere without preparation. With preparation you will always be ready to meet the moment when it arises.

This all requires a natural curiosity in your chosen topic. The curiosity can lead to a passion and the passion to your career.

The myth that this is unattainable for people from underserved backgrounds is not true, you simply have to dazzle the gatekeepers and that means putting in the work. But once that one opportunity arises and you take your spot, utilise it and don’t see yourself as undeserving. I know what you’re thinking, why do I have to dazzle so much? Well, it is an unconscious bias having to prove yourself. You can know how talented you are and if you are lucky enough, your family and friends remind you of that every day.

A positively reinforced mind-set is needed to face this world, sometimes you need that constant voice, the one that

will not let you down, the one that will encourage and push you to your purpose. The voice should absolutely be yours. Show your conviction and all the good energy that has been poured into you and use it to succeed. Sometimes that voice needs help and it is more than okay to ask for that help. Help will make your voice clearer and louder because you will feel a part of something bigger, never alone.

We all know in our communities countless talented people that were not given a chance and that tarnished their self-belief a little. We know the bright sparks, the people who think outside the box but the shine has been taken away from them. We know the ones where the imposter syndrome won and a friend or family member thinks they are undeserving of their dreams and ambition.

"the biggest super power anyone can have is believing they deserve to take space on a table"

What I see with Empower My Voice is that light inside each of us being given a voice. The light being given direction and a self-acceptance. The biggest super power anyone can have is believing they deserve to take space on a table, in a job and in a life. It is no longer about accepting and being told a tale of hopelessness, it is instead long overdue time for a tale of self-confidence and achievement.

Opportunity will always be around the corner but are you ready to meet it? Are you ready for that spark to become a fire and ready to light up the community and the human family?

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