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Reflections on black history month in 2020

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Black history month to me in 2020 is a time where many are encouraged and are encouraging others to celebrate the individuals that have influenced our daily lives privately and publicly. Individuals who have left their mark in history and in our lives in many different ways. A chance to tell these stories and experiences so the importance of them are never forgotten.  Black History Month in 2020 has boiled down to the basics of a re-education and a reckoning. We must watch and learn from the history that has been and the history that is being made. Highlighting the importance of acknowledging history and its people.

In 2020 one must push themselves to dig deeper than what we know about Black History and uncover the undiscovered Black History. We must make it our duty to learn, to teach and to actively change. The history we celebrate this month is the history that marks our past but also our future. We should keep this history alive and welcome open dialogue of this history during the month of October, so we can continuously produce spaces beyond this month where conversations are supported, encouraged and welcomed so that Black History is woven into the tapestry of History.

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