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International Women's Day 2022


Being a woman is part of the many identities I carry. I am a woman with many strings and identities to my bow surrounded by many women who are much the same.

Like all aspects of identity there are many aspects of it that are held up by and are dictated by societal structures and expectations. Women deal with those on a daily. This year’s theme #BreakTheBias brings attention to forcing oneself to think beyond your inner circle and inner thoughts and changing can’t to can.

Women can choose to focus on their career and not child raising or even vice versa.

Women can choose not to have a conversation about the above.

Women can have a host of identities, there are Black women, Trans women, Lesbian women, women with disabilities, single women and much, much more.

Women can have successful careers as pilots, doctors, accountants, CEO's, engineers, senior leaders or anything else their passion leads them towards.

Women can be natural leaders.

Women can go above and beyond what society tries to hold them towards.

If we start with women can, imagine what other barriers we can bring down for everyone including all women.

Furthermore, on a more personal note what has always resonated with me the most about International Women's Day is the very fact it is INTERNATIONAL. I often feel more aligned with this idea as I have always lived a life embracing and acknowledging cultures and the benefits of the global world we live in. This day allows ALL women who have held me, fed me and have been my cheerleader to be celebrated, for me all these women are not in just one location, they are international.

Personally… women have raised me, women continue to raise me, and women lift me up higher than I ever could just myself. I find myself lucky to know and be living through what the definition of sisterhood is.

In my career… women have sponsored me, highlighted pathways for me, navigated the endless doubts and imposter syndrome with me and have even lent a hand in chipping away at the glass on the ceiling.

This international women’s day celebrate, acknowledge and advocate for all women, all the different intersections of womanhood and think women CAN.

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